Cantina El Barco Wanneperveen

Cantina el Barco Wanneperveen

About Cantina el Barco
De Cantina serves South American dishes on the banks of De Wieden. The chefs have found inspiration in Mexico, Chile, Columbia, Peru, Argentina and the Netherlands Antilles. You will find not only summer food, but also winter dishes at Cantina el Barco. you can sit here on the terrace or inside the restaurant. you can have lunch or dinner here, you can also pick up takeaway meals.
On the water
Boaters with a sloop or other vessels can moor on the inner canal of the beautiful park Beulaeke Haven. here are about eight berths reserved for the guests of Cantina el Barco. you can also paddle on the water around the restaurant, if you want to rent a sup you can also do that at Cantina el Barco. it is also possible to combine supping with some food and drink or a children’s party.


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