The Otterskooi Dwarsgracht

Café-Restaurant The Otterskooi in Dwarsgracht

About The Otterskooi in Dwarsgracht
Everything you expect in Giethoorn can also be found in Dwarsgracht. Peace, space and pleasant bustle during the season. Café Restaurant The Otterskooi is located at the end of the village canal, has several dining rooms, a cozy bar and a large terrace on the waterfront with seating for up to 150 guests. The Otterskooi can also serve as a departure and arrival point for fun trips in the area. The Otterskooi also has a large parking lot with space for cars. It is also possible to moor with a boat for sailing guests who would like to visit De Otterskooi.

About the food
The Otterskooi has a spacious and cozy bar where you can have an aperitif or drink before dinner. On the terrace there is the possibility to barbecue and to place buffets, a part will then be reserved for you. There are several rooms and halls where groups and groups of guests can enjoy their dinner in privacy. The kitchen can best be described as Dutch/French and at The Otterskooi they like to cook with fresh local products, but they also don’t shy away from recipes from afar. The Otterkooise pikeperch and eel are a favorite with a large number of guests, but the Wiener Schnitzel, Tournedos or Pork Tenderloin are prepared with just as much love. It is possible to have lunch, dinner or enjoy a snack and/or drink at De Otterskooi.


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