De Lindenhof Giethoorn

De Lindenhof Giethoorn

About the restaurant
De Lindenhof is the restaurant that is number one of the best restaurants in Giethoorn. That proves the 2 Michelin stars that this restaurant has. This is definitely recommended for many people to have a bite to eat when they are in Giethoorn. The location where the restaurant is located is in a beautiful farmhouse, and the restaurant also has an outside terrace. You can have lunch, brunch and dinner at De Lindenhof or have a nice drink.

Hospitality and enjoyment
The chef, together with his wife and team, ensures that every guest is spoiled. They do this by carefully preserving the characteristic atmosphere in the restaurant, and above all by serving dishes that all customers love. Due to the personal approach and the small scale, everyone will immediately feel at home in De Lindenhof.

Martin and Marjan have a clear ambition: to allow guests to enjoy the delicious dishes as much as possible in a homely environment.
At the Lindenhof someone can get the feeling that they are not so welcome anywhere else.


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