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The Otterskooi Dwarsgracht

Café-Restaurant The Otterskooi in Dwarsgracht About The Otterskooi in Dwarsgracht Everything you expect in Giethoorn can also be found in Dwarsgracht. Peace, space and pleasant bustle during the season. Café Restaurant The Otterskooi is located at the end of the village canal, has several dining rooms, a cozy bar and a large terrace on the […]

De Eetkamer van Giethoorn

De Eetkamer van Giethoorn About De Eetkamer van Giethoorn De Eetkamer van Giethoorn is located on the edge of the Weerribben-Wieden nature reserve in beautiful water-rich Giethoorn. A place where beautiful surroundings go hand in hand with comfort, luxury and enjoying delicious food. The Eetkamer van Giethoorn is a nice place on the water where […]

Ristorante Fratelli Giethoorn

Ristorante Fratelli Giethoorn The restaurant Ristorante Fratelli has an attractive restaurant in a unique location in the heart of Giethoorn. You will also be warmly welcomed here by the brothers Davide and Salvatore. they take you through a culinary journey through Italy in which Sicilian cuisine is central. At Ristorante Fratelli they make sure to […]

De Sloothaak Giethoorn

De Sloothaak Giethoorn About De Sloothaak At De Sloothaak they love homegrown products combined with worldly flavours. De Sloothaak changes the dishes based on the best seasonal offerings and that makes them special. They make almost everything themselves and as sustainably as possible at De Sloothaak and are number two of the best restaurants in […]

De Lindenhof Giethoorn

De Lindenhof Giethoorn About the restaurant De Lindenhof is the restaurant that is number one of the best restaurants in Giethoorn. That proves the 2 Michelin stars that this restaurant has. This is definitely recommended for many people to have a bite to eat when they are in Giethoorn. The location where the restaurant is […]