Chaletpark Resort Venice is located in the middle of the Weerribben Wieden National Park, where lakes, swirls, vast reed lands, dense ditches and mysterious swamp forests converge. Are you looking for that wonderful recreation spot in the picturesque water village of Giethoorn? Do not hesitate for a moment and be surprised by the possibilities at Resort Venice!

Chaletpark Resort Venice

Resort Venice, a Chalet Park in the water-region village of Giethoorn, also known as the ‘Dutch Venice’. The village is known for its bridges, waterways and punts. The Chalet Park is located between the lakes “the Bovenreed” and “the Molengat” and is within walking distance of the beautiful tourist center. The Chalet Park is easily accessible and has sufficient parking facilities. Because of its small scale, you can fully enjoy the peace and the environment. Each lot is adjacent to the water, giving you access to the vast area with all imaginable water sports options.


In your chalet there is nothing short of an individual experience. Imagine waking up in your chalet in the morning and not experiencing traffic noise. You wake up, as it were, from the rest. Over the water is a dew blanket that mysteriously disappears from the rising rays of the sun. The cautious start at Resort Venice. The place of dreams come true. Now you have to decide which fun things you will fulfill today. Sailing, swimming, fishing, sunbathing, shopping, lounging, sitting on a terrace or just nothing at all today! That is recreation at Resort Venice. The place where nature sets the pace. The place where you control the fun things in life. Resort Venice, rightfully recreating in harmony in a unique environment!